It's not your Grandfather's bicycle light, but it should be. 

Project Aura illuminates the wheels of your bicycle, increases your visual presence on the roadway and better communicates to drivers your presence and behavior. 

Communication Platform


Project Aura is more than just a beautiful bicycle light, it is a platform for drivers to better understand bicyclists. By illuminating the wheels, drivers are immediately aware that a bicycle in the road is in fact a bicycle, with no ambiguity about it.  We want to reduce car to bike accidents by better informing drivers about the rider's behavior, and bringing riders to the attention of drivers in an unobtrusive and beautiful manner. 


Side Illumination

Project Aura is not intended to replace your traditional front and back blinky lights, it works in conjunction with any other lights you have to help make you that much more visible on the road. One of the main problems we tried to solve with Project Aura is the issue of side visibility for cyclists. 36% of bicycle accidents happen at intersections, and in an urban environment side visibility is critical to your safety as cyclist.


Safety becomes beautiful

Shouldn't you want to be safe? We found with our friends and fellow riders, most safety products are not desirable or pleasant to use. With Project Aura we wanted to create a safety product disguised as a beautiful addition to your riding experience.


It's smarter than a fifth grader

Speed based color 

Slower bicycles in the road are more vulnerable. Aura knows this and illuminates red when you are riding slowly, indicating to drivers to be more cautious. When you accelerate to cruising speed, Aura speeds up too, smoothly transitioning back to white.

On when you need it, off when you don't

Did we mention Aura is smart? So smart that you really never have to turn it on or off. When you start riding, Aura checks to see if it is dark out, and will turn itself on for you. When you are done riding it goes ahead and turns itself off too. Pretty thoughtful, right? But don’t worry you can also turn it on or off manually, if you are into pressing buttons.

This is a prototype

What you see here is a functional prototype which we are actively still developing.  Most of the stuff is done and working, some minor parts still aren't.  We are both working tirelessly now trying to turn this prototype into a real life product just for you. So hold tight and sign up for our mailing list. 


Patent Pending