to do

After a trip to radio shack, we actually got the hub to power the led strip through the bridge rectifier, more on that and a video of it working in the next post.  Now that we have some validation that this system actually works, we have a new list of stuff that we have to get done to get to our next milestone, which is to have a working moving bike with this system.  

  • decide on number of LEDs we actually want to use on the system - currently looking at 6 groups of 3 on each wheel = 36 total (this will cut the resistance of the strip in half which is really important)
  • drill rims and cut/solder all the led segments in place
  • build slip rings (how?)
  • lace both wheels (probably going to end up undoing and redoing this part multiple times)
  • build the bike up - bottom bracket, chainring, cranks, pedals, headset, stem, bars, levers, brakes, seat post, seat

Only looks like 5 more steps to a working and moving prototype but everything presents new challenges and costs more $$$.  but I’m kinda surprised we made it this far and defiantly feeling good about what we have accomplished up to this point, so I think we can do it. 

Once we get a ridable prototype that works, we stil have more we want to do, but the extent to which we can take this project is going to be limited by how much time and money we have leftover once we build the first prototype. Eventually we would like to add to it so that we have some type of battery backup and be able to hook up an arduino and cycling computer, and program the system to have an active braking state (the rear wheel would turn red during deceleration).