Sunlight and Bike Light: a Perfect Weekend

This weekend proved to be a huge leap forward in our SURG project. Here’s what we did:

  1. made a jig to drill out our rim
  2. drilled the 6 groups into our test rim
  3. soldered 6 groups of LEDs together (an hour simply just to do this)
  4. added a 2200 uF capacitor to our circuit (thinking of replacing it with a 4700 uF one)
  5. hooked up the LED’s to the newly drilled rim
  6. created two types of diffusers (clear vs. scratched)
  7. formulated our plan of attack for the coming weeks
  8. frolicked in the rare sunshine while eating oh yeah ice cream

Think we did a lot? Here’s what we still need to do

  • Slip Rings - how do we even make these?
  • Purchase centerlock adapter
  • Buy the rest of the bike components
  • Drill the final rims
  • Lace the final rims
  • Solder the 2 sets of LED’s
  • etc. and eat more ice cream

For just being a 1 1/2 months since receiving our checks, we’ve done quite a bit. Let’s keep it up!