Seeing the Light

Of first note, the RGB LED strip is a godsend. Dear Brian Kirby, you were right…again.

First purchase finally in! We have quite a bit of supplies to do some initial testing (or at least thinking). But again we have revamped some of our thinking. Here’s where we are at:

Chuck the chukkers - we have no need for big beefy Deep V’s anymore. In fact we want the lowest profile possible to allow the LED’s to be right up against the holes that we’re going to drill.

3 holes vs. 1 hole - due to the fact that we cannot cut the LED strip any smaller than three segments, by drilling three holes per group of 6 we can have a stronger projection of light.

AC to DC magic - via some electrical black magic, we need to make the AC current outputted by the hub dynamo into DC, specifically 12VDC to power the LED’s. It’s probably not that hard, but ignorance is ignorance (but not soon!)

Purchase #2 - rims and other electrical component$

So far so good. Let’s keep to the schedule and we’ll be golden.