Frame and fortune

We got a frame, and I felt like making a cheesy post title.  Despite the lack of sleep due to our fire extinguisher crit this morning, we also made some progress this afternoon.  We disassembled my old rear rim today and drilled it and started testing different diffusion/projection methods.

Thats the frame there, $30 off craigslist.  We took the fork off, the headset was completely shot as is the bottom bracket.  It looks like we are going to have to cold-set the frame from 120mm rear to 135mm to fit the hub we bought.  We are also going to have to build up the rest of the bike to a point where it is ridable (crank, chainring, pedals, seat-post, seat, stem, bars, levers, calipers…)  but we should have enough $$$ to get it done if we mostly source from craigslist.   Also in the picture is the truing stand we made, after we had just de-laced the rim to drill the hub

So far we have spend $330 and have another $550 left, not too bad.