Finishing Up: The Final Chapter

A semester ago, we had no clue what we were doing or how we were doing it. We just had an idea and a large chunk of change to see it through.

We had many mishaps, many long nights, many close calls with the soldering iron as well as a brand new pair of iron levers (and a new layer of skin for Ethan). But here we are, and here is our bike. Call it Tron, if you will, but we call it Project Aura; a bicycle safety system that will help make YOU safer on the dark roads wherever you ride.

It was a great experience and we thank the Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Research Office for granting us the SURG that made it possible as well as all those who helped with the filming and gave us words of encouragement. We hope perhaps somewhere in the near future that cyclists will ride with confidence on spinning wheels of light. Perhaps the “Final Chapter” title is a bit preemptive, but for us at least, it’s time to ride on.