Pittsburgh bike share program.

Bike share is coming to the 412! The stations are scheduled to be ready by next summer and we at Project Aura really believe this kind of program will be a huge boost for the city. People are afraid of change and love their cars as we saw with the variety of reactions to New York's CitiBike program. But we're optimistic that the same backlash will not happen here. Giving people access to well maintained bikes for short trips around their neighborhoods or farther will hopefully encourage Pittsburghers to appreciate bikes as a fun and convenient way to get around.  

We have always said that in the grand scheme of things, lights are helpful but not the most effective way to making riding bikes safer.  The most important advancements for bike safety are societal. Being (a) infrastructure, and (b) the general attitude of the population towards bikers. Hopefully a bike share program will help with both of these. If you are riding in a separated lane and the people around you respect your existence, you are far safer than riding in the roadway even if you're blazin brighter than the Friday night fireworks at PNC Park.

It is a shame that the federal funding of the program was cut in half, meaning we get 500 bikes at 50 stations instead of 1000 bikes at 100 stations, but this will still be a huge victory for Pittsburgh.  

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