We're baaaack!

We have neglected this pretty little blog for far too long. But just because we weren’t writing doesn’t mean we weren’t working.  A lot has happened in the past months.  Perhaps the most significant being that in May we both graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with degrees in Industrial design.  We had a great time there, learned a lot, met, incredible people and did thought provoking work on a consistant basis, but it’s time to move on to the next chapter. 

2013-05-19 13.13.39.jpg

The project is growing in both scope and scale. We are finishing up the 4th version of the prototype. This new version is battery powered, with a small unit that attaches to the hub of each wheel.  We are waiting now for circuit boards to come back from the manufacturer, but we will write more about that later. We also built a new website and designed a logo and brand.  Back in April we won an Alva Fellowship which is an award in partnership with the 99u Conference, a project of Behance. The Award is sponsored by Behance, Adobe and GE. We got to attend the conference In New York, which was awesome and we also get to talk to smart people at GE about our idea. Project Aura is also now officially Project Aura LLC, we finally decided to trade up for the big boy pants, which really just means that we get to pay taxes. The last major development was the filing of our full US patent which we finished back in December, it was a huge relief to get that out the door. 

2013-05-03 14.40.26.jpg

As far as our future, we have chosen to stay here in Pittsburgh to work on the project. We are working on refining the prototype and are going to be posting a bunch more content online. We have done some great photo shoots recently, and we just finished a brand new video which we are really excited about.We are also starting to look for bigger companies to help us make this prototype a reality. Other than that it’s just the daily grind, this is now our job now which is pretty cool when you think about it. We are excited for the future of this project and want to keep sharing all of our progress with you so please check up on us.